How to Avoid Ethanol in 3 Easy Steps

Yes, you can avoid ethanol in your fuel, however it can be tricky business and if you’re too busy to really hunt down where to buy ethanol-free fuel for your car or truck… we have a way on how to avoid ethanol in 3 easy steps.
avoid ethanol fuel & phase separation, a dangerous condition for all vehicles manufactured before 2012

Why The Need to Avoid Ethanol in the First Place?

Maybe you’re not sure on why you need to avoid ethanol in your fuel buying habits. If that’s the case, then first, read our article here on This way, you can get up to speed on why you should avoid ethanol fuel in the first place and how it affects you and your vehicle.
Did you know that ethanol is in nearly every gas station in the United States? For the most part, this is true. However, there are some hard working people that are dedicated to ethanol free fuel for many reasons. For instance, if you have a boat, motorcycle, ATV, side by side, lawnmower, weed eater, construction equipment, off-road vehicle or plane, you would highly desire ethanol free fuel for the simple reason of the higher energy level in pure gasoline.

And now on to “how to avoid ethanol in 3 easy steps”.

Step One:

Head on over to an excellent site dedicated to helping you find ethanol free fuel or otherwise known as pure gasoline. The site is On this site, you can do a search in your state to see which stations are currently offering pure gasoline.
As of this writing… there are 7,844 stations in the United States listed. Keep in mind that these stations are updated by people like you that conduct a quick test while fueling and then ‘add’ or ‘remove’ a station. You don’t need to do this each time you fuel up, however, it is a good idea to do a ‘check up’ periodically to verify your station.

Step Two:

Either conduct your own test using a narrow jar (an olive jar works great) or purchase an inexpensive fuel test kit. The instructions for doing it yourself without a test kit is included here.

The results are pretty much immediate and will validate if a station that is touting that they are ethanol free or at least have a pump that is… is actually telling the truth. Once you have validated this, especially a new station in your area, please do the right thing and help others find it by updating

They even have an app for your phone to help you get this posted up in short order. Their apps are available for both android and apple phone users.

Step Three:

Fill ‘er up and enjoy a better running vehicle combined with more power and fuel economy. To really top off your fuel mileage results, it would be best to run an excellent fuel catalyst such as CleanBoost® MAXX™ which treats 30 gallons of fuel per ounce added in.

The bump in gas mileage varies, however, a 10 percent increase is an average which equates to a savings of .029 cents per gallon of fuel purchased after allowing for the purchase of CleanBoost® MAXX™. Learn more here.


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