What Are Fuel Pills?

There are multiple ways of taking care of your car and it’s fuel consumption. Today we will be talking about Fuel Pills. A product that is growing in popularity due to it’s ease of use and benefits along with ever increasing fuel prices. Not using a quality fuel additive (or in this case, a fuel pill) to boost MPG or efficiency is literally giving away your hard earned money to the gas industry at each fill up.

Looking at the current prices for gas or diesel and mechanical repair rates, every motorist should brush up on their knowledge about how to keep maintenance costs down and MPG (miles per gallon) up.

What are Fuel Pills?

Combust® Fuel Pills

As their name implies, they are pills that represent the solid form of the liquid fuel additives out there. The same formula and materials boiled down to a pill form.

Because too many people have dealt with messy fuel additives at the pump. In some cases, it’s inconvenient to pour in a perfect dosage or the bottle takes up too much space. Even worse, sometimes the bottle leaks out, wasting the product and staining the elements it comes into contact with.

Fuel Pills don’t leak. They also occupy significantly less space and provide a way faster method of applying the perfect dosage.  Usually they have a simple formula, like 1 fuel pill per 30 gallons.  Also it’s straight forward to use, less mess and literally takes seconds to dose your vehicle at the pump.

What do Fuel Pills Do?

Once dropped into the tank, depending on the exact formula they contain, the fuel pills undergo a chemical reaction. This reaction basically dissolves them and releases the catalyst components into the tank. Once there, this ‘supercharged’ fuel can be taken up by the fuel pump and introduced to the entire fuel system. Fuel injectors also get a taste for it while getting this catalyzed fuel injected into the waiting cylinder. These catalyzed components provide enhancements to the fuel, developed to improve your car’s mileage and clean up the fuel system.

In a nutshell… it works like this; during compression of the piston, this ‘fuel pill‘ enhanced fuel is now burned where it can do so with more efficiency and quality of burn… actually burning more of the available fuel content where it leaves behind less carbon residue.

If you want to read more about fuel additives, we have an extensive article here.

Why Use Fuel Pills?

Clean Boost® Fuel Pills™ saves you fuel on each use

                  Combust® Fuel Pills™

Fuel pills represent a cost effective way to extend the life of your engine, improve fuel economy and clean up your system with a low amount of effort from your side (just need to add the pill to the gas tank- voila!)

Most fuel pills on the market offer you just a bump in MPG, convenience and cost effectiveness. This is helpful only up to an extent. However, you can also find products such as Combust® Fuel Pills™ that can offer the same benefits + a few more worth taking into consideration.

After extensive testing in independent laboratories, Combust® Fuel Pills™ are proven to reduce carbon particulate emissions and increase MPG influencing multiple components directly and indirectly to achieve this.

Fuel treated with Combust® Fuel Pills™ enters the injectors the same way as untreated fuel. But as droplets emerge from the injector tips and travel into the combustion chambers, they carry within themselves a powerful nano-catalyst, as mentioned above. Combust® Fuel Pills™ lower the ignition threshold temperature, thereby providing more time for each fuel molecule to burn to completion.

These fuel pills help eliminate deposits that cause incomplete burns in the combustion chamber, making the engine run better and cleaner. Eliminating deposits from internal engine components, besides extending the life of the engine, also improve fuel economy.

They help the environment directly by drastically reducing:

  • CO
  • NOx
  • SOx
  • HC
  • particulate emissions
  • indirectly by increasing equipment life that results in longer oil use periods between changes.

Having a cleaner burn, the effort output of the engine is reduced. Together with this, temperatures are also reduced and help produce smaller and less abrasive particles during the combustion process. These two combined benefits, lead to lower maintenance time, reduced engine wear and extended life of engine components.

Being a combustion improver, Combust® Fuel Pills™ also helps to gain more horsepower even with lower octane fuels while still keeping fuel economy up. This is particularly useful and money saving in gasoline applications that require high octane fuels.

How Do You Use Fuel Pills?

How to use Clean Boost® Fuel Pills™

How to use Combust® Fuel Pills™

Fuel pills should be viewed as a long term solution. Same as the pills in the pharmacy, the more you use them, the better results get. Why is that? Because they start cleaning out years worth of carbon build up from the engine. 

They can be easily added to the tank each time it’s filled up, following the instructions on the label. Usually it’s 1-2 pills for a particular number of gallons.

Easy to store as they can fit even in your glove compartment to have in hand before getting out of the car at the gas station. They cannot leak and stain while eliminating the need to invest a lot of time in getting the right dosage into your tank during those particularly nasty cold or extremely hot days (as needed for the liquid formulas).

The Bottom-line of Using Fuel Pills

Regardless of what engine you have, what fuel you use and the age of the car… it is advised that you use a quality fuel additive to ensure that everything runs smooth, clean, with less consumption and smaller repair bills. The future you and your wallet will thank you after checking your mileage, fuel savings (and reduced headaches). Also the planet is positively affected by less pollution and fresher air. All thanks to the reduction in emissions of using Combust® Fuel Pills™.
Think about it: a quick 2 seconds at the gas station can positively impact your finances and driving experience.

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