Latest Car Technologies You Should be Aware Of

Car technologies are moving at a faster rate than ever before. In the modern age, almost anyone can take advantage of incredible smart technology.

If you’re a car enthusiast, or you just want to ensure you’re taking all of the safety precautions you can, you should make sure you are up to date with all the latest technologies making their way into modern vehicles.

There are a number of technologies that you should be aware of. Different manufacturers are going in different directions. Some are focusing on smart technology and comfort features, but almost all are adding new features and functions related to safety.

Automatic Brake

This technology has arrived almost hand-in-hand with the other forms of tech that stem from cameras and sensors.
Because of the fact that the car’s “brain” can know what is going on around it, it can implement emergency automatic braking. This is perfect if any sort of hazard is perceived, or something or someone runs out in front of your car.

Connected Mobile Apps

There really are apps for almost anything. Connected apps for comfort such as listening to your music are pretty common. There are other apps that can let you check things about your car, including its location, the fuel level, and the pressure of your tires, all from the comfort of your armchair indoors.

Teen Driver

This sort of feature is being introduced in some cars, including Chevrolets, as a protection method for young people starting to drive. For example, it might be able to notify people if the car goes above a certain speed, or disable audio if the seatbelts aren’t being used. There are numerous options for parents to check in on how their children are driving.

Blind Spot Alerts

The issue of blind spots in vehicles is almost unavoidable. One of the ways around this has been found by manufacturers using the sensors to alert you if there is something within your blind spot. This makes it easier to drive much more safely and be aware of your surroundings.

Solid-State Batteries

Electric cars will continue to grow in the coming years. BMW has promised solid-state batteries by 2025, and the range will continue to grow, making electric cars viable for everybody. Solid-state tech is a pipe dream for some, but car manufacturers are seeking to put it into practice.

Various Apps and Tools

There are other apps and tools to be aware of, some of which might be specific to your own car make.

  • Official Car Apps. There are certain manufacturers making their own companion apps for their vehicles. These can track data including mileage, and the performance of the vehicle. They can also introduce cool new features. The Tesla app allows you to check where you can charge the vehicle but also lets you recall the vehicle from its parking space.
  • Parking Apps. Apps to pay for parking are not necessarily new, but they are becoming smarter. Some apps can sense where you are, and automatically charge you based on how long your car is parked. Some parking apps can give you live data about the availability of spaces.
  • Tools For Looking at a Car’s History. When you buy a vehicle, it is vital that you know the history. If it has unpaid credit or even a criminal past (such as being stolen or used in a crime) then you should steer clear. You might even face a visit from the police if you accidentally buy a car with a negative history. You may check VIN number to find the history of the car and check all is in order when buying it.
Car apps

Be Aware of Phishing While Using the Latest Car Technologies

It is important to follow the same security protocols you would when you are using the internet on your phone or laptop. When connected to the internet the cars can be targeted by hackers, just like the recent trend in people hacking into smart technology used in the home such as fridges.

If you have the option to connect to different networks and apps, make sure they are totally trusted. Also, check that emails claiming to be from your car manufacturer are actually from this source, as hackers may pretend to be from carmakers to gain your trust.

What Type of Vehicle is the most innovative of Car Technologies?

There are so many innovative vehicles out there, but Tesla has been a huge trailblazer in the industry. Their electric car batteries are incredible, with far more range than a lot of the other electric vehicles out there, and some amazing self-driving features. They’ve come in for a little bit of criticism in some quarters, and some people will always prefer a car to run on gasoline, but there is no denying that their innovative smart features will change the automotive industry forever.

Autopilot, real-time updates, and numerous safety features have made the Tesla range very impressive. There are even some fun functions like Netflix inbuilt!

CES 2021 Innovations for Car Technologies

Waymo were some big winners at the CES 2021 awards for innovation. Their mission to build the “World's Most Experienced Driver” involves using computing, software, and hardware to help vehicles with safety and self-drive features. The electric Jaguar I-Pace uses Waymo software and you can see the sensors on these vehicles that form part of this incredible innovation.

The accurate system gives a huge coverage of sensors to create a complete view of the world around and keep drivers and passengers safe. This type of technology is the sort of thing that we expect to continue to spread among the automotive industry.


Having the latest tech features in your vehicle is not just about having something to impress your friends. Tech is vital for creating a safer, more efficient car, and as time goes on it is essential that the industry becomes more sustainable. 2021’s new tech shows what an exciting time it is for cars.

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