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There are two types of people in this world – those who care about their cars and those who don’t. When the engine light turns on you either check it out immediately or ignore it and hope it goes away by the next time you fire up the car. We think we know which type you are, since you’ve found your way to this site.

The internet is an amazing resource for you and your car. Regardless of what type of car you drive or your level of auto expertise – here are some blogs to help you be the best informed car owner on the block.


This site is your go-to for news about upcoming models, reviews, recalls and current issues in the world of cars. If you are into fancy or luxury cars, look no further for videos of the newest Tesla model on a racetrack. If you’re trying to learn more about your engine and develop some skills, check out their DIY Garage section. If you’re looking to buy a new type of car with which you are unfamiliar, you can search by vehicle to see what experts are saying. You can buy, sell or post info and questions for interested parties like yourself.

Buyer’s Guide – Jalopnik

These reviews are insanely helpful for the average car owner. Sure, a Maserati would be cool! But most of us are just looking for a decent truck, sedan, minivan or SUV. They recognize that when you’re heading to the local car dealership you usually have something in mind. For example, you’re looking for a truck but want to keep it under $40,000. They have driven, researched and reviewed all of the general options you would find at multiple car dealerships. You can read their reviews and waste less time test driving every possible truck, instead just focusing on the two or three that sound closest to your needs.

Matt’s About Auto Repair

Have you ever had to make that embarrassing sound that your car’s been making when you take it into the shop? Well look no further – this blog can help you interpret those sounds and approach your mechanic with a well-informed assessment of what might be wrong with your car. Matt talks to you the way your dad or neighbor would talk to you, making your auto education easy and realistic.

OBD Advisor

No one likes a check engine light glowing on their dash, yet when one of these show up, it does strike a bit of fear in us all wondering what the problem may be. This site is a great resource to find out more including which diagnostic tools you can use to narrow down the problem and get it resolved, be it a bad sensor or some other nefarious problem with your vehicle. Whether you’re after a quick DIY type of diagnostic reader or a professional grade option, OBD Advisor is a great resource to learn and review these very effective and essential tools.

Don’t Get Wrenched

Mechanic shops are sometimes notorious for requiring an arm and a leg for repairs. Are they taking advantage of you? How would you even know? What should this particular repair cost you? Don’t Get Wrenched is all about helping you hold onto your precious dollars while still getting your car back into running shape. Women especially may feel the pain of being treated negatively in the car shop, so be sure to share this blog with the women in your life who take their cars, motorcycles and RVs for service. Wrenched explains how different shops work, what their quotes may mean, how to communicate clearly and make sure you are getting a good deal.


If you’re wondering about the value of your car, or a car you’d like to buy, you better check out Edmunds. You can compare different makes and models, predict future value and even get price quotes and deals for dealerships near you. Make your car purchase from an informed place and feel like an auto genius!

Check out these blogs and don’t be afraid to Google around when you have a question or concern, because it’s very easy to find the answers you need to keep your car in tip top, mint condition!

Fuel and Friction and Boost Performance Products.

Of course, you can also find answers to many of your questions right here at Fuel and Friction. Also, if you are looking to boost your fuel and decrease friction you should check out Boost Performance Products. Boost Performance Product’s can seriously decrease wear on your engine and decrease trips to the gas station. Most of the products are great for gas and diesel engines and will help you take care of your car.

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