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Car commercials and auto body shops often boast of incredible torque in their vehicles. But what does that actually mean? Does it matter for your car or just NASCAR? What is torque and who needs it? Even the casual driver needs torque, and there are some easy ways to boost your engine’s performance to improve it – without costly engine work.

Torque, in the context of cars, is turning power. In science terms torque is the tendency for objects to turn or rotate when a force is exerted upon them. For example, when you use a wrench you are exerting force which turns the nuts or bolts. The turning force is what tightens, or loosens, the object. ln your car, torque is a measure of your engine power. A dynamometer measures the amount of turning force exerted by your engine at various RPMs to determine how much torque or turning power your engine can muster. Torque is also used to measure the horsepower of your engine, or how fast your engine can go pulling a weight per second. Both are important statistics for your engine, and both translate directly to engine power.

Torque is very important for speed and racing vehicles, because torque determines how quickly a certain speed can be reached. Can it go 0-60 in 10 seconds? 5 seconds? 2 seconds? Torque isn’t just critical for race cars, though. Torque indicates the strength of an engine to exert enough turning force to begin towing a huge trailer or boat. That’s why big diesel engines can boast of a much higher torque, though they certainly can’t compete with the speed of a race car. If you are planning on towing make sure any vehicle you buy has the best possible torque to reduce wear and tear on your engine, as well as increasing engine power. Ask to compare torque and horsepower on any cars you are considering, and take those statistics into account. Increased torque and horsepower may cost you more money, but they might mean adding years of life to your engine depending on how you use it.

Friction in your engine can also reduce torque. If your engine has buildup or damage it is not able to efficiently run and produce power. You can prevent this by getting regular oil changes and engine checkups to ensure that you don’t have dirt or grime causing any problems.

Another way to boost the performance of your engine is to use a fuel additive. Fuel additives can increase torque, horsepower and fuel economy of virtually any car or truck. Unlike expensive turbochargers, fuel additives are relatively cheap and can actually save you money by increasing your miles per gallon. By using a fuel additive, you are getting every last drop of fuel to combustion, meaning you are maximizing the power, and torque, of your vehicle. Additionally, quality oil additives can increase power by decreasing friction in your engine.

The best part is that you don’t need to be an expert or spend a lot of money to boost the performance of your engine. All you need to do is add a little bit of CleanBoost Maxx fuel supplement when you fill up your vehicle and VOILA! Improved fuel economy, improved torque and improved engine performance!

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