Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping a Vehicle

miniSetting up a ship date with an auto transport company is the safest way to transport a vehicle. Professional companies in the auto shipping industry offer multiple shipping options and full insurance coverage as well. To make sure that you will have a positive experience, you will need to be aware of the most common mistakes shippers make. Below is a bullet list of 5 important items that need attention to detail that many either forget to do or neglect to do that end up costing the owner in some form or fashion:

  • Wash the Vehicle – Washing your vehicle of dirt and deposits will bring out minor imperfections. You should clean the inside of your car as well as the outside before transport. There are a number of different cleaning products you can use to wash and shine your car before shipping.
  • Document the Condition – Take pictures and video footage of your vehicle so that you can make a cross-examination after the vehicle has been delivered. Doing this will ensure that the company took all the necessary precautions in shipping your car and give you peace of mind.
  • Check Gas Reading – Shippers need to make sure that their gas reading is filled no more than ¼ of the way. The reason for this is because your car may spill fuel all over the other cargo. Make sure to burn off any excess fuel before the day of transport.
  • Disable Alarm System – To avoid a disturbance while your vehicle is being shipped, make sure that the alarm is turned off. Remove any personal possessions from the inside of the car and transport them another way. On the day of transport, make sure the vehicle is locked and the key is stored in a safe location.
  • Research the Company – Make sure that the company you hire has a good reputation. Reputable companies have a section on their website where customers can provide a short description of their experience with the company. Their reviews will make your determination easier.

Take Your Vehicle to a Mechanic

Even if your vehicle seems to be in great shape, there might be an issue you do not see that can cause damages to your vehicle or other vehicles on the trailer. A mechanic will make sure that your car is ready to be shipped by a professional transport company. If your vehicle is leaking any fluids, have your car repaired by a mechanic.

Get At Least Three Quotes

One mistake that could cost you more than you anticipated is hiring the wrong company. Scam companies might offer prices that seem to good to be true or charge a fee before services have been provided. It requires state-of-the-art technology and years of experience to guarantee 100% safety during transport which less than reputable companies cannot provide.

Choosing the Right Method of Transport

There are a few different ways to ship an automobile, but the method of transport greatly depends of the value of the car. If you are new to automobile transport, you can discuss what shipping option is best for your car with an agent of the transport company. There are also a few different delivery options available that make professional auto transport an even better option.

  • Enclosed Transport- This is the safest way to ship your vehicle. It provides complete protection against driving conditions and the elements. This is recommended for highly valuable vehicles or antique cars.
  • Open Air Transport- This is the most popular way to ship an automobile. Your bike will be secured to the back of an open trailer, but still slightly protected against driving conditions.
  • Door to Door- For convenient shipping, the company will come to your home and transport the vehicle directly to its destination. This delivery option is more expensive than other options, but it saves your vehicle from the most wear and tear.
  • Terminal to Terminal- If it is easier or better for your budget, you can simply drive the vehicle the terminal where it will be shipped from and pick it up once it has been delivered. You will need to arrange transport for yourself to and from the depot.

Finally, according to A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. if you’re shipping this vehicle a long distance, say overseas or where the vehicle could potentially sit in storage for any length of time, it would benefit you well to add in a quality fuel stabilizer/treatment that will protect the fuel and fuel system from varnish or corrosion. CleanBoost® Maxx™ offers this protection as a quality EPA registered fuel catalyst and protects in these ways for any period of time including extended storage or transport situations. CleanBoost® Maxx™ comes in an array of convenient sizes. Learn more here.

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