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Have you ever watched an infomercial? Especially those ones that are on almost every cable television channel in the wee hours of the night? They advertise some pretty impressive products that could seemingly revolutionize the world! The problem is the only place you ever see those products in real life is in the small little section at your local store marked “As Seen on TV!” Why is that? Mostly because not all products are what they claim to be.

The same is true in the automotive industry and the thousands of products that are out there. Next time you are at your local superstore or automotive store, check out how many products are there that make exciting claims about what they can do for your car. One of the claims that many car products make is the ability to increase fuel mileage.

An increase in fuel economy is an appealing promise in today’s economy where you never know what you will pay the next time you go to fill up. Will it be $2.50 a gallon or $4.50? The promise to improve gas mileage is even more appealing when you consider the extra $.20-$.30 extra you pay for a quality octane of fuel. And when it comes to diesel…forget about it. You never know what the price will be to feed your hungry diesel engine with fuel.

Just like with other products, however, not all fuel additives that claim to increase fuel economy are what they say they are or do what they say they do. This leaves consumers in a tight spot. The point of buying a fuel additive in hopes of increasing fuel economy is to save on money. But if the fuel additive doesn’t work then you spent an extra chunk of money that didn’t return anything for you. Additionally, some products can be harmful for your engine which means they will end up costing you way more in the end.

What is a driver supposed to do? Look no further than MAXX Fuel Additives. The Maxx Fuel Additives sold and distributed by Boost Performance Products not only increase fuel economy, they also reduce emissions and improve performance like horsepower and torque. Want some proof about our claims? Check out the video on this page to see!

Our fuel additives are perfect for gas and diesel engines. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive your car will show increased horsepower, torque, fuel economy and performance while also displaying decreased emissions. The best part is that our fuel additives are affordable and we sell them in different sizes (1 oz. 8 oz. 16 oz. 32 oz. and 128 oz.). As suggested by our 1 oz. single shot, only a tiny bit of the Maxx Fuel additive is needed to treat the fuel each time you fill up with gas or diesel. In fact, 1 oz. of the fuel treatment can be used for up to 30 gallons of gas or diesel.

Our products are used by high performing motorists across the country. Stop paying for products that don’t work. Start treating your engine right and your engine will treat you right! Improve your gas or diesel engine’s fuel economy, torque, and horsepower today! For more of our effective products check out the rest of our site because you love your car but you also love keeping money in your wallet.

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