The Difference between AP Grease, MP Grease and EP Grease

Do you know the difference between AP Grease, EP Grease and MP Grease? If not, read on for a better understanding and selection based upon what you’re greasing and the environment in which these critical automotive components will be used.

By taking care of your vehicle you indirectly take care of yourself through reliable transportation. There are literally tons of products out there that can help you. BUT it takes lots of research to know which one is the RIGHT one for you. Today we’ll shed some light over the miraculous paste that provides your cars ‘joints’ with lubrication and protection from the elements → Grease!

Grease is widely used in all mechanical contraptions because they all have something in common → need of lubrication.  Lubrication is the one thing that reduces friction and by doing this it improves the useful lifespan of components, reduces heat by forming a protective film between moving components that come into contact, protects the components from the elements by coating them and many others.

Since moving components that come into contact are almost in all industries, you will surely discover that grease can be used and it’s used in a lot of places. BUT did you know that when you’re looking for grease you will find specifications such as AP, MP, EP? Knowledge of the difference between AP grease, MP grease and EP grease can make or break your grease-able lubrication efforts.

Grease was designed to be used in many environments that differ one from another. Because of thiis, it had to evolve from plain grease to more specialized greases for some of today’s applications.

AP Grease

AP Grease is a lithium based multifunctional high temperature, water resistant grease.

Name stands for ALL PURPOSE grease. This grease provides excellent protection against rusting and corrosion. Usually applied to water pumps, wheel bearings, chassis fittings or universal joints. Due to its high drop point (melting point) which provides good thermal and structural stability plus the high degree of protection against rusting and corrosion it is used in all grease-lubricated automobile parts including on commercial vehicles.

MP Grease

MP Grease is a NLGI (National Lubrication Grease Institute) number 2 grease. It is recommended for most automotive, agriculture and light transport applications i.e., chassis lubrication and steering linkage joints. This grease provides the lubrication needed while also coating the components in a wash-proof layer of protection from the elements.

MP stands for Multi Purpose. The product supports a wide temperature range and because it has a smooth structure it is also easily pumpable. It shows a stable composition when hot but also keeps a flowing composition when cold.

EP Grease

Name stands for Extreme Pressure. Under high pressure or shock loading, normal grease can be compressed to the extent that the protective film breaks. If the film breaks, then the greased parts come into physical contact, causing friction and wear. In most all applications, EP grease can be used where any AP or MP grease is called for.

EP grease has in its components, solid lubricants (graphite and/or molybdenum disulfide) to provide protection under heavy loadings. Besides the normal protective film provided by the lubricant, EP grease contains solid lubricants that bond to the surface of the metal and adds a sub-layer that prevents metal to metal contact. This insures in the end, that there is no friction and wear when the lubricant film gets too thin/breaks.

For high pressure applications or applications where corrosion could prevent components disassembly later in their service life, some greases have an extra element of copper . Grease that contains copper is also known as an anti-seize grease because it reduces the chance of electrolytic corrosion that “welds” together different metals that come into contact.

Forgive our shameless plug, however, one of the best greases tested by independent third party labs is CleanBoost® Mettle Plus Gold EP Grease which has a plus that no-other-grease-has … it “always stays in place at extreme loads and stresses” under the worst operating conditions of water, dirt and mud providing you with maximum protection and peace of mind.

You can use it on:

  • wheel bearings
  • disk brake applications
  • u-joints
  • fifth wheels
  • steering linkage
  • chassis lubricant on ALL of your equipment ranging from your lawn mower, scooter, motorcycle all the way to you car, truck, farming or industrial equipment application.

With the melting point well over 650°F and Oxidation inhibitors, CleanBoost® Mettle Plus Gold EP Grease can get the job done even when exposed to high temperatures for extended periods.

Comparison Table for Reference:


Grease Comparison TableGrease Comparison Table

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