Getting Your Car Or Truck Ready To Sell

Okay, it’s finally time to get rid of your old PutterMobile and upgrade to the new Wowza GT. But what should you do to get it ready? Glad you asked…

 Step 1 – Clean up your mess

cleanboost_nanosheen helps to get your car or truck ready to sell

No matter how clean you are, there’s always going to be some traces of you left behind. An old ketchup packet in the glove box. Receipts in the door pocket, a forgotten CD under the seat. All of those personal items will distract a potential buyer from seeing the car underneath. Plus, things like receipts and old bills can actually help a thief to steal your identity.

Next, vacuum the carpets and treat all of the non-cloth surfaces with a high-quality cleaner / protectant like Nano-Guard. A clean car says that the owner cared for the car, and Nano-Guard can restore the luster in plastic, vinyl and leather. It also protects the interior from sun damage, and it prevents dirt and other contaminants from sticking to the treated surface.

cleanboost-nano-sheen-16-ozOnce the interior is clean and sale-ready, it’s time pay some attention to the exterior. If the paint has become scratched or dull, you can break out the buffer and bring the finish back to life. Carefully applying a coat of paint cleaner will cut through years of dirt and oxidation, allowing you to restore the shine and cover the scratches with a good quality paint polish. After you bring the paint back to life, apply a coat of wax, then finish by sealing the paint with Nano-Sheen™.

Of course, if your vehicle doesn’t have a dying paint job, you can dispense with the buffing and clean it up using just CleanBoost Nano-Sheen™. It uses advanced polymer technology (not paint-harming silicon) to encapsulate dirt particles so you can just wipe them away. You literally don’t have to use water and a sponge to wash your car. Just spray it on and wipe the dirt off. Nano-Sheen™ works on metal plastic and glass, and it leaves behind a layer of polymers to not only enhance the shine, but keep dirt from sticking to your ride.

Step 2 – Decide what to fix and what to disclose

clean up an fix or disclose. helps to get your car or truck ready to sellNow that your old ride is clean and presentable, it’s time to decide what to fix and what not to fix. Every problem that your vehicle has, will ultimately cost you money because buyers just love to negotiate price based on issues. But in some cases, the cost to repair a problem won’t be worth it. Things like a bad transmission, new brake rotors, and new CV joints can cost a pretty penny to replace. So you’d be better off just disclosing the problem and reducing the price accordingly.

Smaller issues should be addressed before you put the vehicle up for sale. Buyers aren’t likely to stick around if they have to wait for you to fix something. And often, those ‘major’ problems can be fixed quite simply with products like CleanBoost® EMT™.

A grinding noise in your differential. A squealing noise in your power steering pump. A transmission that wants to stick in gear. These problems are usually caused by excess heat and friction. As the vehicle ages, the metal wears down, exposing microscopic ridges and valleys in the surface of the metal.

cleanboost-emt-engine-metal-treatment-16-ozWhen those metal parts interact with each other, those worsening surface imperfections cause friction, which results in excessive heat and component problems. CleanBoost® EMT™ uses special metal deactivators (not Teflon or other solvents) to create a galvanic bond with the surface of the metal, filling in those wear-inducing surface imperfections.

By reducing friction between the moving parts, CleanBoost® EMT™ can often extend the life of the component, and save you from a big repair bill. So try adding a few ounces of CleanBoost® EMT™ to the standard transmission fluid and engine/gear oil before you decide to repair or disclose a problem.

And remember to be honest about your vehicle, because the Golden Rule does work.


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