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  • Engine and Transmission Problems Rise

    February 20, 2014 • Enthusiasts • Views: 3922

    Results of the study showed that one of the reasons for the decline in dependability and the reasons engine and transmission problems rise, are the changes that automakers have implemented on their models beginning for the model year 2011. Results …

  • What is EP2 Grease? Part 2

    December 18, 2013 • Enthusiasts, Mostly Trucks • Views: 14738

    What is Lithium Complex in EP2 grease? Lithium complex greases were first developed in the 1940’s with the patent granted to Lester W. McClennan. It was only until the 1980s, however, when this grease type was finally released to the …

  • Heat and friction are factors that can affect engine performance and fuel economy in vehicles.

    Heat and Friction: Primary Enemies of Car Engines

    November 21, 2013 • Enthusiasts • Views: 11279

    Engines, Heat, and Friction A modern internal combustion engine is comprised of dozens of moving parts. Without proper oiling, these parts run against each other with tremendous speed, creating friction which then leads to heat. This heat can wear the