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  • Horsepower or Torque. Which is best for each vehicle?

    Horsepower or Torque?

    February 19, 2014 • Enthusiasts, Racers • Views: 7938

    What is Horsepower? At its simplest definition, horsepower is defined as the amount of power an engine produces. In mathematical terms, one horsepower is equal to the power needed to move 550 pounds one foot in one second or the …

  • There are many pressures of drag racing that people involved in this sport encounter which range from money to safety.

    The Pressures of Drag Racing

    February 6, 2014 • Enthusiasts, Racers • Views: 4584

    The Views of Drag Racing Two different types of belief exist when it comes to the state of drag racing. One side is convinced that like the NBA, this sport does not need a central and professional sanctioning body to …