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  1. Tom says:

    I have a 1988 Chevy short bed single cab that has an immobilized rear end when I put it gear it take awhile to engage and when it does it makes a loud clunking noise I’ve tore it all apart and none of my gears are destroyed and my axles are fine I’m just wandering what it might be that is emobilizing my rear end any help would be appreciated thank you

  2. Tech Guy says:

    Hi there Tom,

    Thanks for your question. Since it takes a while for it to engage, I would be taking a look at the automatic transmission and especially the output shaft. It could be that the transmission has the issue rather than your rear differential. Take a close look at the driveline u-joints while you’re at it. You can remove the rear driveline and put the truck in gear to see and/or hear what the transmission is doing. If you do this, you will need to take the front slip-yoke apart (by removing the u-joint) so that you can re-install it temporarily on the rear of the transmission. Otherwise, you could lose fluid out of the transmission output seal since it won’t have a surface to seal against. Also, using this method, do not over rev the engine… as you could spin the rear slip-yoke right out of the transmission and cause even more damage and the risk of personal injury. You basically do this in a slow and controlled way just to listen and watch for engagement of the transmission. If you’re unsure on how to do this, I would recommend that you enlist a local shop to diagnose this for you. The loud clunking noise could also be due to excessive play of the rear pinion gear. Check for a loose or backed-off pinion nut and/or excess backlash (play) of the rear pinion gear as it mates up to the ring gear. Just some thoughts and keep us posted. Good luck.

  3. allen says:

    I have a 2005 jeep liberty. When i drive in forwaed motion it sounds like a spring kinda winding up. But in reverse it dont. Iv tryed looking at it to find the sorce but am unable to. The sound is coming from the rear driver side and almost sounds as if its the brake caliper. Can you help determine what the issue may be?

  4. Tech Guy says:

    Hello Allen,

    If you have pin pointed this to the driver side, I would have the wheel bearing assembly checked and inspected very closely for wear and/or vibration. Good luck and keep us posted.

  5. Racheal says:

    I have a 98 ford f150 short bed have some grinding noise when we drive my husband said the only thing that makes it drive is 4 wheel drive. I noticed when in reverse we backed up hit a spot in the snow where it was difficult to back up it would make a loud grinding noise like example; when ur putting in ur 4×4 the stick in gear but ur doin it wrong that loud grine like that noise but underneath sounds like on both sides my husband said the grinding when u drive. N think its from overload. Our break light stays on as well

  6. Tech Guy says:

    Hi Racheal,

    If this noise only happens in 4 wheel drive, then I would be suspect of some gear damage coming from the transfer case. The transfer case, when engaged in 4WD, transfers power to the front driveshaft through gears (and in some cases gears and a chain) that can become damaged over time or with a lack of gear lubricant. This will necessitate closer inspection and most likely disassembly to correctly diagnose the trouble. Good luck and keep us posted.

  7. Elvis Machuca says:

    Hey Tech Guy,

    Ok I am dealing with two sounds: 1) winding decelerating sound (which as I have already read from someone’s experience who made a video of it, which allowed him to identify it: and the other effect, 2) a grinding sound which basically manifests when decelerating at low speeds, the point of origin seems the right rear axle, from what I seem to detect the direction of origin of the sound, but it could well still be the differential gears, unless I properly inspect it, i can’t really tell which place is it that it is coming from, right rear axle or differential.

    This topic seems to be very much subject to the interpretation of need a very high immediate attention, since no one should rely on any suggesting, “don’t worry, you should be find…..” And then, the next day, it happens, you were in your way to work, and bang, total loss of your nice car for not taking care of something that well placed you in the worst situation to rely on the uncertainty of it breaking down either today, tomorrow, or any other day in the future, seems to have driven you crazy to just hope it will not happen, but hoping you can address it one day when you get the money.

    I know, I deserve to get roasted….specially when I say, “Oh I took my 2014 Ford Mustang'” to a “LOCAL” mechanic who completely preformed an improper installation of the differential gear set and installation kit you provided, leaving you wondering, why did I even believe that they will help me with the issue that the very mechanic initiated, but later find that some way or another the mechanic finds relevant information as per his benefit to deny you any further direct resolution to what you have identified to him as to what is causing the TAP-TAP-TAP the very same day the released the vehicle back to you when they finished the installation of the differential gears you asked them to install.

    My initial intro I mentioned I am dealing with a decelerating winding sound and a grinding sound. However, I also have to point out, that the TAP-TAP-TAP (or Chug-Chug-Chug) sound that I mentioned a few lines prior, well was the very exact sound that I identify that very day, and since that I have not had any way to reasonably address the issue, because, guess what, when I addressed the issue to the mechanic, at that moment when I had no choice to accept his solution, I felt very much like the kids story, where the kid goes to the market with the only cow his dad sent him to sell so they can get enough money to survive, but it happens, then the most wonderful thing story ends up with the certainty the kid got the best deal, which as far as the mechanic is concerned, him trading you a cow for magic beans, is a well trade secret many mechanics come to learn over the year, that if the customer is not smart enough to address it to an authority’s attention, or nothing actually happens as of yet, which would not give signs or clues to involving the mechanic as a cause, because, as far the mechanic is concern, you address the issue to him,. and he ended up selling me and charging more for labor over what he called (REINFORCED REAR AXLE BEARINGS) to replace stock rear axle bearings, that when I saw them, didn’t present any damage that would had presented itself the minute he showed you, hey here you got beans under your cows ankles, but you pay for my magic beans and let me have your cow, well you will do as better. Pretty much what all this boils down to, is actually just getting the respond suggesting, GET RID OF THE CAR IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO EVEN OWN ONE.

    Please help!

    Do you know anything about the Steelman Pro SmartEar sound and vibration acoustic listening electronic device which with other tools connected to it, well serves the purpose to allow you to build a definite report or verification of the sound.

    Please tell me anything that will still help me keep my sanity and not making the choice of getting rid of the vehicle, because if you were to see it, specially with all the pampering I have done to it, it will be a shame to not be able to keep it, specially being so down on the car loan to be able to even profit if I could find a buyer that would give me a good amount for it.


    But please help!!

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