Say NO to Friction!

Say No to Friction!

Did you know that up to ⅓ of your fuel consumption is due to friction in your engine? That’s like losing ⅓ of your meal due to problems with your plate, fork and knife! You wouldn’t stand for that at the dinner table, and you shouldn’t stand for that with your vehicle. Especially with fluctuating gas prices, everyone wants to get their money’s worth at the gas station.

If your cylinders aren’t properly lubricated or are experiencing friction, the piston moving up and down encounters resistance. So instead of all the fuel power going to the speed and horsepower of your engine, some of it is going to helping that piston beat the friction! Overcoming this friction may not be immediately obvious or even noticeable, but it’s eating up gas and even years off the life of your engine. Your poor engine may not be racking up the miles as quickly as it’s racking up aging and trauma. This aging is difficult to see, and can be ignored far too easily. The good news is that you can do something about it.

Of course the first line of defense is to regularly take care of your vehicle with oil changes and engine checks. Schedule routine oil changes at your favorite tune-up auto shop and as them to alert you to any concerning wear and tear. Ensuring that your oil levels are adequate and major engine functions are running smoothly can prevent large scale problems. But if you’re serious about reducing engine friction you will need to use an oil additive to smooth things over.

Oil additives are supplemental fluids to coat and smooth the working pieces of your engine without compromising the integrity of whichever oil you choose. They are carefully created to ease the friction in your engine by actually bonding to the metal, making your engine stronger, faster and more efficient. When oil additives have corrected your engine’s friction you can boost engine performance noticeably through improved horsepower and fuel efficiency. No longer will you lose engine power to overcoming friction.

By simply adding a product such as CleanBoost Engine Metal Treatment’s (EMT)  at your next scheduled oil change you are showing your engine some love. And in turn your engine will return the love with better fuel economy, improved horsepower and a longer, healthier life under the hood!

Bottom line? Say NO to friction. Say YES to BOOSTED POWER!

**Recommended for manual transmissions**

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