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The Real Deal About Bio Diesel Fuel

Bio diesel fuel is an alternative type of diesel fuel that is derived from vegetable oils, animal fats and recycled grease. It is highly biodegradable and is a eco-friendly fuel option than normal diesel fuel. Since it is petroleum based, this fuel type emits less pollution into the air. This is one of the reasons on why bio diesel fuel is becoming more popular among truck owners and operators. Despite all these advantages, however, there are some concerns about its fuel.

What’s the deal about this diesel? The debate about the advantages and disadvantages of bio diesel.

Bio diesel fuel can often be used in its pure form, but it can also be used as a blend with petroleum diesel. Most blends are approved by manufacturers for truck use. However, using the wrong blend of bio diesel fuel can damage your engine. This fuel is also safer to handle and non-toxic. For truck owners and operators, however, fuel economy is the most important thing. There are a lot of contradicting opinions on the fuel economy of bio diesel fuel at present. All these needed to be carefully sorted out in order to arrive at an unbiased opinion regarding it.

The Good and the Bad

Bio diesel is eco-friendly but is less advisable for motorists.
Bio diesel fuel offers lower fuel economy and power. This decrease in fuel economy is normally very minor and results in about a ten percent reduction in power of your trucking vehicle. This means that using bio diesel fuel will require you to use about 1.1 gallons to equal the equivalent of standard diesel fuel. This decrease in fuel economy has resulted in many truck owners and operators choosing standard diesel fuel over this.

The price of bio diesel fuel also makes it a less popular option since it is pricier. There have also been some concerns regarding engine durability in reference to its use. These issues, however, have not been warranted by facts yet.

 The debate about the fuel economy of bio diesel fuel is continuously ongoing. However, it does remain a fact that bio diesel fuel is lightly a less economical option when compared to standard diesel fuel.

Bio diesel is eco-friendly but provides less power and is more pricey than other diesel.

Bus running on biodiesel fuel derived from soybeans.

In the end, it can be safely concluded that bio diesel fuel has its equal share of good and bad. Its benefits is that it is biodegradable and produces less greenhouse emissions. However, its slightly less fuel economy and expensiveness makes it less friendlier to some motorists.

 For motorists who are after fuel economy, they can still make their fuel more eco-friendly by using a fuel additive. These products lessen emissions while improving fuel combustion.




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